I can remember the first time I fell neck deep into the blogging industry’s obsession with perfection. I was sitting in my flat in the UK, with This Renegade Love still in ‘private’ mode, not yet unleashed unto the world. I had spent months creating content to load up the site, working back-and-forth with my designer on the branding […]

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So you’re thinking of quitting your job, huh? Leaving your job can be pretty scary, and if you’re quitting it to start your own business, well friends, it’s basically the most terrifying thing in the world. That being said, it can also be the most liberating. One of the biggest decisions of my life was to […]

3 Questions to Ask Before Quitting Your Job


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This is a picture of me and my niece. Cute, right? Every time I see her, my heart swells. I can’t remember ever falling in love with someone so instantaneously and so unconditionally (except for my other niece). Her laugh makes me laugh, her smile makes me smile, and every time she says ‘Lala!’ when […]

I Don’t Want Kids… And That’s Okay


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How to get Ahead in Life and Work

The road to where I stand today has been an interesting one. After a three-month internship at Style at Home following graduation, I was the only one chosen from my group of interns to be kept on as an editor. Within six months of my first job at the magazine, I was promoted to a […]

How to Get Ahead in Life and Work

Life + Work

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